Petra Ellington has been a practitioner in various fields for over 20 years as an  Esthetician, Reflexologist, Certified Natural Health Professional, Aromatherapist and Yoga Instructor and former Esthetic School Owner. 

In 1995 as she became certified as a Natural Health Professional followed by  Aromatherapy at the Heal Center in Atlanta in 1998, Reflexology training in 2005 and Instructor Program in 2009.  Hatha Yoga Certificate in 2003 at Seaside in Wilmington N.C., plus intensive training in yoga in 2009 at Porter's Neck Yoga Spa in Wilmington N.C .... Created and C/O of first exclusive Esthetics's school south of Atlanta in 2006 Ensynergy S.E School of Esthetic's, became a licensed Esthetician in 2007, Certified in Aromatouch in 2015. Continuing Education in Skincare is on going as for products and trends are always changing.

Her philosophy is to uphold the highest integrity of each person. She loves helping one person at a time to look and feel better not only on the outside but also by passing on her knowledge through skincare, reflexology and guiding her clients to better self care.

Her day starts with a meditative walk, encountering nature and all that surrounds her, followed by a short yoga practice. Petra has a loving husband that supports her tremendously and a beautiful family of two successful sons and five beautiful grandchildren who are her heart.  She loves her work for her clients are not only her clients but her friends as well and she goes above and beyond to meet and exceed their expectations. 

Painting, photography, reading, growing things, taking courses in self improvement and always being a student of life are her passions.  She believes that "Life always has something new just around the corner" and "feels Blessed beyond measure in every imaginable way"....