Services & Rates

Providing a change in your skin in a private relaxing atmosphere. A complimentary consultation is done prior to your treatment to determine which facial treatments are best suited to meet your needs. All Facials and Face Treatments include the Neck and decolletage.

Deep Pore Cleaning Facial - This facial deep cleans with red LED thermal heat cleansing, enzyme treatment from real fruit with steam, extractions, lifting massage ending with a hydrating mask and scalp massage will leave you and your skin looking refreshed, rejuvenated and vibrant. 1 hr. $85

Lightening and Brightening Facial- This powerful lightening facial will help to lighten and brighten your skin helping to reduce the visibility of hyper pigmentation, red LED thermal heat cleansing enzyme treatment with powerful lightening enzyme peel with steam, extractions, lifting massage with hydrating mask and scalp massage 1 hr. $95

Teen Facial - This facial deep cleans with red LED thermal heat, enzyme treatment from real fruit with steam, extractions, blue light therapy, mask 55 min. $70 ages 11-15

40 Minute Freshen up Facial- With the use of cutting edge esthetic equipment, in just 40 minutes you’ll leave feeling fresh and vibrant. Through effective yet gentle, we will reveal fresh clean skin. With the use of ultrasonic negative ion we will penetrate nutrients into the skin leaving you looking vibrant and ready to make it a great day!  40 min. $65 

Star Facial In depth facial focusing on removing micron layers of dead skin cells. Starting with a deep LED thermal heat cleansing, ultrasonic second cleansing,  enzyme exfoliation, microdermabrasion, lifting massage, mask designed for your skin with scalp massage. 1hr 30 min. $129..... with peel 1 hr 45 min. $145                                                                                                                             

What is Rezenerate Nano Needling? Nano-needling works by enhancing the skins ability to absorb serums that are beneficial for the skin. Aside from this the procedure also triggers the skin's natural regenerative processes- it boosts collagen and elastin production; with allows the skin to heal and address different target issues.

Benefits ....* Fine lines and other signs of aging * Blemishes or other skin imperfections * Malnourished skin * Sunspots and age spots * oily or overly dry skin * uneven skin tone and texture

The difference between the micro-needling and Rezenerate Nano Needling is the depth that the needles are able to penetrate into the skin. Nano needling only punctures the first layer of the skin (Epidermis) while micro-needling penetrates into the deep dermis. Nano needling stimulates collagen production in the skin by safely infusing active ingredients through tiny Nano channels. This is very similar, but less invasive than micro-needling and allows up to 97% produce absorption.

Nano NeedlingTreatment - Ideal candidates for Nano Needling is someone who would like a good nutrient delivery system for their skin but are concerned about painful treatments. Nano Needling treatments are ideal for those who want fast results that require little downtime ... with enzyme peel 60min. $120.... with diamond microdermabrasion, enzyme peel - 1hr 30min $160... with chemical Peel, enzyme peel and microdermabrasion 2 hrs $170 Includes face, neck and decolletage, collagen sheet mask with cryo massage and finishing products.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment - Cleansing, microdermabrasion, hydrating mask, moisturize and protect. 45 min. $70...  add chemical peel 1Hr. 10min. $107.... add chemical peel, enzyme peel and microdermabrasion 1hr 20min. $122

Facial Peel Treatment- Light to Medium Peel treatment with cleansing and hydration designed for your needs 30 min $50

Guasha Facial MassageOur jade Gua Sha tool goes to work lifting, sculpting and smoothing your neck, jaw, nasal labial lines, under-eye, brow, forehead and scalp. The result is a reduction in the appearance of congestion and pimples, wrinkles, sagging and dullness, under-eye darkness and puffiness with Scalp massage and lifting facial massage. Any facial areas treated with Botox or fillers in the last 3 months cannot be treated with Facial Gua Sha.  add on 25min $40 ...45min $75

Rejuvenating Leg and Arm Peel - Are you suffering from dead skin buildup that dry brushing and scrubbing just won't get rid of, Hyper pigmentation? This Peel treatment is for you, please call to discuss your needs whether it's lower legs, full legs, half arms or full arms. Pricing starts at $65

Back Facial Treatment - What's going on back there? Do you have a dry itchy back, or breakouts and blackheads this treatment will do the trick.   A facial on your back with extractions, steam and massage.  60 min. $90

Hot Stone Back Massage - Great add on service. 30 min. $50

Reflexology - Working the trigger points and meridians of your body systems on your feet to balance the body, includes hands, scalp, and aromatherapy. 60 min. $85;... Great add on 30 min. $50.... 90 min w back hot stone  $115

Aroma Touch Treatment - Essential oil back infusion treatment to help maintain the lymphatic system, relax muscles, strengthen the immune system, and balance the body systems and their functions, with scalp massage.  60 min. $85

Far Infrared Body Wrap The Far Infrared Heat Energy (FIR) penetrates deeply to target toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets below the surface of the skin. Our Infrared Body Wrap can also help relieve muscle pain, improve mobility and increase blood circulation. Please inquire about medical conditions... 40 min. Session $50; Discount for multiple sessions please inquire  

Rejuvenation Hand TreatmentThis is a powerful anti-aging treatment for the hands. This treatment starts with dry brushing to stimulate circulation. With the use of glycolic cleanser, lactic peel, that helps with hyper pigmentation and hydration. A special serum is applied and a hydrating cream with light massage, ending with SPF. 30 min $50

Eye or Lip Micro Current Treatment with mask - add on $20

Micro Current face -$45

Firming Mask - add on $40

Flare Lash Extensions Clusters of lashes are applied in a dramatic or daytime look. Lasts 7-10 days 30 min. $45.

Waxing Face $40; - Lip $14; - Brow wax $15; Brow Shaping 20 & up; - chin $17; - Brow & Lip $27; - Brow, Lip & Chin $45; - Face & Brow $60; - Underarm $27  

Tinting - Lash $25; - Brow $15;